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Website bookings

You can book tickets through the website without registration. However, if you register with our program you will be able to store your personal data, travel data and credit card data within your profile, and therefore you will not need to re-enter this data when you log in the next time to book travel tickets through the website. If you are not already a member of our program, you can register www.kashha.com A service for you, moreover, it will save you time during future inquiries and reservations. We recommend that you fill out the information within your personal preferences file as this information will help us provide better Please do not give your PIN and / or password to anyone other than your family. You may not allow any other party to access your account online, including but not limited to, the mileage mileage service, the mileage management service, or the mileage mileage service. You agree to take responsibility for all activities mentioned in your account. You must also take all necessary steps to ensure the confidentiality and security of the password and / or reservation reference are also preserved, and you must inform us immediately upon your belief, for any reason, that your password has become known to anyone else or if it is used in an unapproved manner or If it is possible to use it in this way. You can book through the website of up to 5 travelers each time you book. You can also book flights for a group of 5 adults and children (ages 2 to 11) at the same time. In addition, it is possible to book a baby (under one year old) with every adult traveler. You can also book the trip in the degree that you choose, whether it is first class, business class or economy class (where available)

Modify your reservation

If you make a change to an existing reservation that you made online and that results in the company returning the cash to you, then this refund will be provided in the purchase of a travel ticket or additional services and the money will be recovered through your bank account so that you provide it with the company as a check as a hand or call you. You can book flights up to 338 days before departure.

cancellation of reservation

You can cancel the reservation that you made through the website in the "My Profile" section, if you log in as one of the members of Kashha, then you will be subject to the travel price rules that you agreed upon when you confirmed the reservation process. You must contact us to arrange matters related to redeeming the ticket or order online to redeem the ticket online

Use of credit card

We accept major credit cards issued in selected countries during the reservation process. Your credit card will be charged when you click on Buy Now. If you do not have a credit card, you can choose to pay using one of the alternative payment methods that can be presented to you on the online payment page. The payment methods available to you will vary depending on the departure point of the ticket. By using a credit / debit card or any other payment method, you agree that you have the authority to do so and that the name of the card holder or the account holder name provided during the online reservation process is correct. In the mitigating circumstances related to the fight against fraud and fraud, the Kashha company reserves the right to verify the card used to pay for a reservation made online via a request to show the card when completing travel procedures.


We will take all necessary measures to ensure that all information you send to us through the website remains confidential and secure from prohibited access. Despite these measures, we do not guarantee that it is impossible for such prohibited access to this information. Consequently, we will not have any legal responsibility in the event of this prohibited access occurring unless the reason for this occurrence is gross negligence on our part, in which case you have the right to obtain compensation up to the maximum value of the services that you have purchased.

Security information

To ensure the security of online payment and all other personal data transactions, a technology called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is used on the website. SSL encrypts all communications between your computer and our server, so data can be read and understood only by us. Usually a closed lock appears on your browser window, indicating a secure connection. For more information, please review your browser security specifications. If your browser is equipped with SSL technology, the transaction will be automatically protected. A common standard on the Internet is for a secure site to be marked with a closed lock icon at the bottom of the browser window. Therefore, when the lock appears to be locked, this means that your information is safe and encrypted to avoid being hacked. If you click on the Safe Transactions link and you cannot see the closed lock, the reason may be that the browser window is overlapping in another window. To ensure that you have a secure connection (in Internet Explorer), right-click and select Properties, then Certificates. Then you will see whether the connection is secure or not. Another way (in Netscape Navigator) is to press the right mouse button and choose to display the frame information and the security information will appear below the text.


Please ensure that the passport is valid during the trip. (Some countries require the passport to remain valid for a certain period of time, usually for a period of 6 months after completion of travel). You may also be required to obtain an entry visa for some countries, and you are responsible for doing this. While making a reservation, you must ensure that your name and the name of the person you are booking with or the people you book with are exactly the same as the name that appears on your passport or of the person you are booking with or the people you book with. Travel without the correct papers can prevent the traveler from traveling, entering the country of destination or stop stations, deporting him or imprisoning him, and in such cases the traveler will be solely responsible for any costs, losses or damages suffered by the traveler or we are exposed to (or Our agents or our employees).

Airport taxes

Some airports impose a departure tax, which the traveler pays at the airport locally. Information about these expenses is not available in the set travel prices and will be borne by you.

Website contact

Online reservation If you have any questions about the reservation you made online or if you encounter problems while making the reservation, please contact us.